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Mar 7, 2018

Tech Tickets

Families face all kinds of challenges. Do not let technology be a challenge that goes unaddressed with your children. Here is a fun way to start! Download or pick up a free Tech Ticket Board at the Glenwood STAND@Home Center. This is a fun way to help your children set boundaries and guide them into understanding the need for control. Here is how it works:


Tech Tickets Board
Tech Tickerts

The Rules

  1. Each child receives 12 tickets every Sunday Night
  2. To use any of the tech devices, give a ticket to Mom or Dad and they will set the timer for 30 min.
  3. If somebody else is watching TV and you want to join, you will also have to turn in a ticket.
  4. When the timer goes off, tech time is OVER.
  5. Once the Tickets are gone you do not get any more tickets until the next Sunday night. (Unless you earn more).
  6. Mom and Dad can say no at any time, and can take tickets away for misbehavior. They can also give out extra tickets for good behavior.

1 Ticket = 30 minutes of Tech Time.

To Earn Extra Tickets:

  • 30 Min of reading
  • 30 min of extra homework time
  • 30 min of math practice
  • 30 min of Bible Study/ Reading
  • 30 min of EXTRA Chores
  • 30 min of writing

To Lose Tickets:

  • Using Tech without giving up a ticket
  • Use tech past the timer
  • Argue or whine about Tech time
  • Misbehavior or disobey.


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