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11 Ways to Pray With and For Your Spouse

As Christians we believe in the power of prayer. We pray for our illnesses, struggles, and problems. However, we often forget to pray for our spouses. Research has shown that couples who pray together really do stay together yet, we have also learned that around 90% of Christian couples admit that they rarely or never pray with/for their spouses. If we believe that prayer is powerful and we know that it can change our marriages, why are we not taking the time to pray with and for our spouses? Maybe we just haven’t made it a habit? Maybe we don’t know what to pray about? Maybe it just seems awkward? Whatever the reason is we hope to give you some tips and helpful reminders that will help you be more intentional about praying with and for your spouse these next few weeks. Who knows? Maybe you will develop a new habit that will change your marriage forever!


For the next two weeks we want to challenge you to pray for your spouse every morning and with your spouse every night! Here are some helpful ways you can remember to pray for and with your spouse:

Remembering to Pray

1.Set a reminder on your phone that will go off in the morning and at bedtime.

2.Combine your prayer with an activity you always do. Have a long drive to work? Take that time to pray for your spouse. Always have a morning cup of coffee? Use that as an opportunity to pray for your spouse. Make praying together a part of your nighttime routine, even if you have to put a sign on the ceiling that says, “PRAY!” to help you remember.

What to Pray:

Some people may not pray because they don’t know exactly what to pray for. We want to challenge you to be intentional in your prayer life. Here are some different ways you can pray for your spouse:

3.Mentally walk through your spouse’s day and pray for them from start to finish. Start with a prayer for safety as they make their morning commute, then pray for success and confidence over that morning meeting they have today, etc.

4.Pray for your spouse as a parent and partner.

5.Pray for your spouse’s health both mentally and physically.

6.Write your prayers out and share them with your spouse.

7. Ask your spouse for a list of prayer requests and pray over the things on that list specifically.

8. Pray a prayer of thanksgiving over your spouse.

9. Pray over each other as parents and pray for your children together.

10. Pray for other married couples together.

11. Pray for your church family as a couple, get the church prayer request list and take turns praying for each request together.
Pray a prayer of protection over one another.

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